Concours C14

The Kawasaki   Concours C14 ,  ZG1400, also known as  1400GTR. The C14 was launched in September 2007 and based on the ZX-14 platform replacing the original C10 ZG1000/GTR1000 (Concours), which was built from 1986 to 2006.

Kawi Perfecting the C14 – Our C14 Tech Editor Reviews the 2010 Connie

Many of the changes to the 2010 model are a direct result of the feedback Kawasaki received. (For example, I immediately noticed that the oil drain plug has been moved to the front of the engine case to increase lower ground clearance. Another one is the bike now only comes with one key FOB card that actively transmits a signal, versus the two that came on previous years…..

C14 2010 C1 Article By Fred Harmon