Screen Saver

The images above are just a sample for your viewing pleasure!

Bob Smith known also as smithr on the forums grabbed up every interesting and scenic picture with a Concours in it he could find over the years. Over 100, C14 pics and over 400, C10 pics at this point are in the collection. The pictures can be downloaded onto your computer and be used as content for screen saver and wall paper purposes or just to look at one at a time. (41 MB) | (35 MB)

The goal in choosing the pictures was always to show something lovely, interesting and that included all the great places Concours go, not so much the owners. Yes we can add your picture to the next release but be sure to only send ones that fit into the concept and not ten of your freshly washed bike sitting in front of your garage. Send only one or two of your best to

Here is a web link to one explanation on how to build these pictures into a screen saver. Use the information at your own risk. I use the screen saver application built into most PC operating systems myself.

All pictures were freely given or were taken from Concours related forums and other web sites. If a picture was shown freely on the internet I assumed I could grab it. This means these pictures are for your personal use only. They can not be used for profit and can not be copied and used for profit in part or in there entirety.