2015 Rally: Schedule Details


2015 COG National Rally Event Schedule Details

Puncture repair: 4 segments of a rear tire with various road hazards embedded. Several different types of plug and patch kits will be displayed and demo’d as well as a discussion on when a repair should not be attempted. At Bike Aid.

How to pack an effective on the road tool kit: This will be a round table discussion to pick up best practices and exchange ideas. Several set ups will be on display to critique. Bring yours and gather suggestions. At Bike Aid.

Tire Talk: A Michelin brand rep from Western Power Sports will be on hand to discuss tire technology and the PR4 tire’s. Have your questions answered on compounds, speed ratings, profiles and construction. At Bike Aid or vendor room. TBD.

Motorcycle camping tips and tricks: This will be a round table discussion to pick up best practices and exchange ideas. Several set ups will be on display to critique. Bring yours and gather suggestions. At Camp ground.

C 10 and C 14 tech sessions: A representative from Race Tech will be on hand to discuss suspension set up on both C 10’s and C 14’s. Get an understanding of what those clickers and knobs really do. Preload, spring rates, fork oil weight and height, static sag settings, damping. At Bike Aid.

Durango-Silverton Train: A block of tickets was made available for COG – those tickets have been sold out. If you have a ticket for the train, you must be on the train at 7:30 am. If you want to participate in a group ride from Cortez to Durango, here is the plan. Those interested can meet at the “Bike Barn” in front of the Baymont Inns, ride central, around 6:00 am and leave at 6:10 this would give you adequate time to get there and be on the train by 7:30 and still get a cup of Starbucks.  Yes there is a Starbucks mid-block on Main Ave. opposing side – for those who read the forum post “WATER TOWN –Behind the curtain…” it’s better know as “Hippychicks coffee”.

Ride in a group or as singles it is imperative that you be “on the train” at 7:30 am – not my rules but the railroads.

Opening social, Meet your AD’s, FNG gathering: A social mixer with heavy appetizers. Come out to meet your Area Directors, have a snack and welcome the First National Group attendees. At the Campground Area.

Vendor Room: Several vendors will be displaying their wares. Klim will be hosting gear seminars and discussions each morning, Also included in the vendor room will be the Raffle Swap Meet and Rider Swap Meet. Raffle Swap Meet: Win a T shirt that’s too small, something you already have or a gift certificate you can’t use? Post it up here to sell or trade. Score extra points and sell it for a donation to Over The Pond. Rider Swap Meet: Try something out on the way to the National and it just didn’t work for you. Didn’t like that air hawk? That new pair of riding gloves just a bit to snug? Post here to sell or swap. At Vendor Room.

Women’s Breakfast: ROK’s own and COG Member Teri Conrad will be the guest speaker this year at the Women’s breakfast. In addition there will be a women’s social Tuesday Night in the event area as well as morning exercise sessions hosted by Nancy Isely.

Bike Show: Best in Show C 10 and C 14. Best Farkle, Best Rat Bike, Best in Show Non Concours. Sign up at Hospitality. In the event area.

Slow Drags: Get bragging rights of being the slowest rider ever. A straight line course with the goal of taking the most amount of time to complete without touching the ground. How Slow can you Go? Sign up at Hospitality. In the Event Area. The rules are posted here.

2 Up Challenge: For the 2 up rider crowd. A scenic 200 mile loop through South West Colorado with your significant other. Gathering information and historic tidbits along the way. Get the right information and have a bit of luck and you could walk away the winner of this inaugural event. Sign up at hospitality. In the Event Area. 2-Up Challenge Outline is here.

LONG DISTANCE RIDING ADVENTURES –102 YEARS, JUNE 18 – FREE SEMINAR  With Dr. Greg Frazier. An hour long presentation from a multi time around the world traveler filled with tidbits and gems. Event Area.

Banquet Night: Good Food, Good Folks, Good Music with the added benefit of the big dog raffle prize announcement and the location of the 2016 National Rally. In the event Area.

Murph’s Ice Cream Social: A tradition at COG National Rally’s sponsored by Murph’s Kits. Come get your Ice Cream on and tell Murph Thanks! In the Event Area.

Town Hall Meeting: Come get the latest news about COG and what’s going on. Here is your chance for questions, comments and suggestions. In the event area.