2015 Rally: Slow Drags Rules


2015 COG National Rally Slow Drags Rules

The Slow Race will be held in the back parking lot of Rally Central, a.k.a. The Baymont Inn & Suites.

Slow Drags to be held here

Slow Drags to be held here

The objective is simple. Everybody starts with their rear tire touching the curb at the top of the picture, motorcycles pointed south. Motorcycles proceed south when the signal is given, and the last one to touch the curb at the south end of the parking lot wins.

Here are the rules:

  • You must be riding a street-legal motorcycle. Street-legal means a police officer won’t be able to write a ticket if you were being scrutinized.
  • If your rear tire is still touching the north curb three seconds after the signal to go is given, you will be assessed a fifteen second penalty, compounded every ten seconds.
  • If you violate your lane boundary, a five second penalty will be added for each inch measured between the lane marking and the lane marker residue deposited by your tire. Luck will allow some to stray farther afield than what can be measured.
  • If you put your foot down you will be assessed a ten second penalty for each time your foot touches the ground.
  • If you use your center stand or side stand to keep from touching the ground with your foot, you will be assessed a thirty second penalty, compounded every ten seconds.
  • If you drop or otherwise damage your motorcycle, you will be stuck with the repair bill and the knowledge you did it in front of hundreds of people who like to post pictures on the internet.
  • There is currently no requirement for a hot dog to be eaten by a passenger. Sorry.

The Rules listed above are all there is. If you ask, “Can I stand up?” the response will be “Is standing prohibited in The Rules?” If the rules don’t explicitly prohibit something in writing, it is allowed.