2016 National Rally First Timer Information


First National Group (FNG)


One of the areas that is near and dear to COG is how we include new attendees in COG National rallies.  Over the past few years we have introduced more opportunities to help new attendees “plug in”.   This year we will be introducing a few new ideas that we hope will continue to help first-timers plug into the events and, most importantly, the people that make up COG.

First, we will have a First-Timer’s booth which you can visit after completing your registration.  The First-Timer’s booth will be manned with a team who will specialize in reviewing the week’s activities with you.  We will point out the highlights of the week’s activities and discuss how you can get involved and meet more people.

Second, in addition to our usual ride routes, we are going to introduce RTE destinations.  This will give everyone (and first timers in particular) a specific destination where COG members will be gathering for lunch.  Even if you don’t get into a group for the ride, there’s still a chance to catch up and meet everyone at lunch time.  These RTE opportunities will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so there will be several opportunities to plug in.

Lastly, we encourage all first-timers to attend our opening night gathering.  At this event, there will be a special focus on introducing you to the leadership teams in each of the COG regions.  We expect to have representation from each region at this meeting so that you can begin to meet folks from your area of the country.

Please feel free to stop by the First National Group booth at any time if you have questions, or take advantage of the Hospitality booth as well.