COG is always fortunate to have amazing support from businesses, individuals and industry. They contribute to making our national rallies enjoyable and exciting.  As the generosity rolls in, we'll let you know all about it right here.

RoadRUNNER motorcycle touring and travel magazine will be supporting our National Rally this year. RoadRUNNER is an independently owned and published magazine for motorcycle touring and travel. They offer a free newsletter, online or bi-monthly print options. One lucky attendee will win a free year magazine or web subscription.  Each rally attendee will receive information to get a free magazine or free web subscription trial. If you make the choice to subscribe please mention COG. Support those that support us. Visit RoadRUNNER on the web:  www.roadrunner.travel 

Ken Condon of Riding in the Zone has come aboard as a rally sponsor of this rally. He has offered 2 spots in the 2025 season for their "Riding in the Zone Non-Sportbike Training Days" at Palmer Motorsports Park (Palmer, MA). If someone wins who is too far away, they are welcome to sell or give away the spots. Non-Sportbike Training Days (formerly Non-Sportbike Track Days) are a great way for any rider on almost any type of bike to develop their skills on a closed course without the typical dangers of street riding.

Thank you for your support! Support those that support us.
Visit RITZ on the web: www.ridinginthezone.com

Steve and Susan of HVMP have joined as sponsors for the 2024 National Rally.  Steve and Susan have been members/Industry vendors of COG for over 20 years. They manufacture heavy bar end weights to help reduce vibration and fatigue and have been very well reviewed. They also offer a 10% discount to members. Thank You HVMP for your support. Support those that support us. Please visit them and mention COG.  https://www.hvmp.com/ 

GryphonMoto has joined as sponsors for the 2024 National Rally. 

GryphonMoto is a past sponsor of the 2023 National and purveyors of quality motorcycle apparel. They are also club industry vendors and offer a discount to club members.

Thank you for your support GryphonMoto. Support those that support us. Please visit them and mention COG.  https://www.gryphonmoto.com/