Concours Mileage Accomplishment Program

The Concours Mileage Accomplishment levels are awarded to Concours and Concours 14 motorcycles that attain certain levels of mileage; 50K, 100K, 150K and 200K. The accomplishment is awarded to the Concours motorcycle as opposed to the rider(s). The number of owners/riders is not a factor. The only thing that matters is your bullet proof Concours achieved the milestone mileage. As a full COG Member in good standing the Concours Owners Group will provide a sticker matching the level your ride has reached.

To Qualify and receive a sticker

  1. Motorcycle must be a Concours (C10) or Concours 14 (C14)
  2. Concours must be owned by a current paid COG Member in good standing
  3. Odometer must indicate the current total mileage, and be equal to or higher than the sticker accomplishment requested
  4. A digital photo of the odometer will be required by email
  5. The accomplishment and sticker is for the Concours motorcycle, not the rider/owner
  6. VIN Number is required for bike identification (last  5 digits)
  7. All required information must be included on the online Submission Form

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