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IMPORTANT NOTE: Cell service may be sparse when riding in West Virginia... this is due partially to the rural and mountainous nature of the area, but mainly the United States National Radio Quiet Zone (surrounding Green Bank Telescope). It is strongly suggested not to rely on smart phone app navigation that requires a cellular data connection to obtain maps datum. Stand alone GPS devices, like a Garmin, will function as expected. 

There are several sample GPX files (plus a POI file) available in the online GPX Repository on the COG website for you to use for your ride planningThese routes were prepared using Garmin Basecamp. None were ride tested recently for this event. You are downloading them as-is. We encourage you to customized them, as needed, to meet your own needs. 

RELEASE: As with any route provided, we recommend following the route on a map first. This way you will have a better idea of where you are going and have more fun doing it. Downloading and using any route file indicates you acknowledge that you agree to do so with the understanding that the Concours Owners Group (COG) cannot assume responsibility for your personal safety when using these routes. If you choose to use these routes you do so voluntarily, based on your own assessment of your abilities, route conditions, and facilities, and therefore assume all risks. You release and hold harmless COG, its officers, agents and members from any and all injury and/or loss to your person or property that may result from using these routes or participation in this event. These routes are provided as samples and without any guarantee of accuracy, road quality, or safety.

By downloading these route files, you agree to the release statement above.

  1. Log into your COG account (if you aren’t already)
  2. Visit to the GPX Archive for this event:
  3. Right click on a Download or Open button, then choose Save File As... or Save Link As... to save the GPX file to your computer

The mileage and approximate ride time without stops of each loop is provided with each description for planning purposes. 



This is a GPX file containing many Points of Interest (POI) in the rally area that can be loaded into your GPS to get you directly to a specific location, or they can be used within Basecamp to create your own routes.

Glenville Loops 

There are three different loop length options to choose from.  All loops share common roads near Flatwoods and pass through Glenville to the northwest, and Ivydale to the southwest. The longer loops extend further northwest. Many of the small towns passes through have places to eat. All routes pass through Nebo WV where the popular Pizza & Cream restaurant is located.

  • Glenville Loop (118 miles, 2 hr 41 min) 
  • Glenville Loop Alternate (126 miles, 2 hr 49 min)
  • Glenville-Spencer Loop (180 miles, 4 hr 12 min)

The "extra segments" gpx file provides extra route segments that can be used to customize the routes by combining them with one of the loops to create longer or different rides. 

Map shows overlay of all routes.
Colored lines are segments that can be used to augment your route 

Holly River - Hacker Valley WV Loops

Two different length loops to explore around Hacker Valley and beyond. This area was settled by Swiss immigrants. Both loops pass by the Home Town Diner in Diana WV, which has breakfast and lunch service, or seek out other restaurants along the way. 

  • Holly River Loop (82 miles, 1 hr 44 min) - This short loop provides the option to explore and ride inside Holly River State Park where there are waterfalls, trails, and a restaurant the operates on a limited summer schedule. Click here to view the state park website for details.
  • Helvetia Loop - (82 miles, 3 hr 34 min) - This ride includes some nice Hacker Valley roads, and passes through the Swiss settled town of Helvetia, where you will find the Hutte, a Swiss American restaurant. Call ahead to check if they are open, and if reservations are required.  

maps shows overlay of both loops

Marlinton WV Loops

Two slightly different rides headed southeast from rally central and through Marlinton WV. COG Northeast has been visiting Marlinton area for years for our summer weekend event. This area offers outstanding riding. The loops can be modified to bring you closer to the Cass Scenic Railroad and the Green Bank Observatory Science Center.

  • Marlinton Loop (190 miles, 4h 22min) This ride option passes near town with options for lunch stop. Alfredos Italian & Greek 221 8th St is the current recommendation. 
  • Marlinton Loop Alternate (191 miles, 4 hr 24 min) This option bypasses the town of Marlinton. taking the Highland Scenic Highway where there are great views at the scenic overlooks. Seek out a lunch stop in one of the small towns you will pass through. 

Map shows the alternate route

New River Gorge - Babcock State Park WV Ride

This ride heads south to the New River Gorge Bridge. Ride over it and below for awesome views. Don’t miss the Visitors Center at the north end of the bridge. After visiting the gorge, the ride continues to Babcock State Park gristmill and gift shop before returning back.  If you have extra time, consider adding a detour south to visit historic Thurmond, WV. 

  • New River Gorge & Babcock State Park (223 miles, 5 hr 2 min)

For those interested, the New River Gorge area has some off-road riding areas available. Do a Google search for options.

Seneca Rocks WV Loops

There are three ride loop options, each progressing in length riding northeast from rally central and taking you to Seneca Rocks, one of the most photographed natural formations in WV. 

  • Seneca Rock Loop (241 miles, 5 hr 15 min) - A basic loop that heads out southeast through Diana WV, then northeast along the Monongahela National Forest and east through it to Monterey WV, and then north to Seneca Rocks. The return loop takes a northwest route through Elkins WV and Buckhannon WV before heading southwest toward rally central.
  • Seneca Rock Loop Alternate 1 (266 miles, 5 hr 54 min) - This ride is the same as the base ride, with an extra segment added through Monterey WV before heading north to Seneca Rocks.
  • Seneca Rock Loop Alternate 2 (323 miles, 6 hr 57 min) - this loop heads further south to Summersville WV before heading east and riding through a large portion of the Monongahela National Forest, passing through Marlinton WV. Heading north you can detour and head over to Cass Scenic Railroad, or continue noth in and around the national forest. At Petersburg WV, begin heading south to Seneca Rocks. The return trip takes the same northern route as other Seneca Rocks Loops

maps show overlay of the 3 routes

Staunton VA Loop

This is the longest sample  ride loop. It loops counterclockwise and starts out headed southeast and then northeast to Staunton VA. The return leg is north and west. Staunton VA is a favorite destination of NE COGgers where you can find many great lunch stops in the historic Downtown!

  • Staunton VA Loop (354 miles, 7 hr 47 min)

Wayne Forest Marietta OH Ride

This 340 mile ride heads north toward Marietta OH and around the beautiful  Wayne National Forest. To extend you time riding in the Marietta OH area, visit the Windy 9 website:

  • Wayne Forest-Marietta OH Ride (343 miles, 7 hr 45 min)

Webster Springs WV Loop

This is a short 84 mile ride headed south through Webster Springs and then back north to Flatwoods. Lunch stop in Webster Springs or at Home Town Diner in Diana WV

  • Webster Springs Loop (84.3 miles, 1 hr 57 min)