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What is COG?

COG is the Concours Owners Group. It’s an AMA Chartered, IRS 501(c)(7) non-profit, volunteer run club of Kawasaki Concours and GTR owners, enthusiasts, and friends. You can read more on the About COG web page.

Who can join COG?

We welcome the riders of ANY brand or model of motorcycle as members and at any of our events. Most of our active members and associates reside primarily in the United States and Canada, but there are some members residing in other parts of the world.

What are the benefits of joining COG?

COG typically has hundreds of events each year in the US & Canada alone, not to mention the events in Europe and the rest of the world. The events include: Group rides, regional rallies, maintenance sessions, coffee get-togethers, etc. as well as an annual National Rally. COG membership also includes a subscription to Concourier our quarterly newsletter, access to the member only pages of COGMOS, discounts on events, access to COG online store, and much more. For full details visit our Membership Benefits page.

What are the COG membership levels and dues?

Regular, Regular+Associate, and Industry Memberships. For details on the membership levels and dues, visit our Join Us web page.

How do I join COG?

Read or print the following instructions then Click on this Member Registration link.
  • Click on Join Us to begin membership registration
  • Review the membership plan options and make your selection
  • Enter the online registration information. Please provide accurate contact information. An account with fake registration information may be locked, deactivated, or deleted without notice.
  • Once your payment has been made, you will have immediate access to all member only sections
  • Members not wishing to pay online may pay their membership dues by calling the Membership Officer or mailing payment to: COG Membership, 5680 Highway 6 #107, Missouri City, TX  77459. Access to member only sections will not be available until the membership fee has been received and processed

How do I renew my COG Membership online or update my user profile?

Once you have created your online member account you will receive renewal notifications via email with instructions for renewal. Members may update their profile information at any time by visiting this web page: 

Can I “Upgrade” my Forum Subscriber registration to become a full member of COG?

Your free forum subscriber membership may be upgraded to a full membership plan anytime. Review the instructions posted on the web forum by clicking here 

I am already a COG member, how do I access COGMOS?

Simply log in to the web site or forum pages. If you forgot your username and password, contact COG’s Membership Officer via email: membership@concours.org

Can an Associate Member have their own account on COGMOS?

Absolutely! If fact, the primary member must set up an associate member account using a unique email to be able to register the associate for events at the member discounted fee. The associate account is "bundled" with the member's account and share the same member+associate plan. 

Can non-members register for COG events?

Yes, events may be designated as COG member-only, open to the public, or both. An additional benefit of joining COG is that many events are discounted for members.

Where is the COGMOS data stored?

COG data, including member information, is stored within secure, third party servers providing COG's membership services. 

What about credit card security?

Payment processing is handled by an industry-leading, highly secure encrypted gateway, with all transactions going through a secure socket layer.

What about COG Member privacy?

Only our designated Administrators have access to member data. Members may elect to display their contact and other personal information to other members, or they may elect to keep this information private.

Why does my online payment fail?

If you are having issues with an online credit card payment, please try the following before contacting our Membership Officer:

• Try a different browser, or Clear Cookies/Cache
Use another browser or clear cookies and cache will help resolve issues. 
• Try making the payment from a different PC/laptop.
It may be that VPN, firewall, antivirus, or security settings on the PC are the issue. 
• Try making the payment on a different network home/office.
Sometimes network, proxy, or other security settings block the connection.

In some cases clearing the cache of the page (Ctrl Refresh, or Ctrl Shift Refresh) may fix the problem, or by deleting any cookies related to concours.org may resolve the problem. However I suggest you try the other solutions first.

 Can I retain my COG number if my membership expires?

Club policy for expired members to retain COG number:

  • Members expired less than 1 year can retain their previous COG number
  • Members expired more than 1 year but less than 2 years, the member must join/renew with the two year membership plan to retain their COG number
  • Members expired 2 or more years must renew with the 3 year membership plan to retain their COG number
  • When expiring members choose to retain their previous COG number, their club’s join date will be modified to reflect their absences from the club
  • Retaining a COG number is manual operation - you must communicate your desire to retain your COG number to the Membership Officer by email or phone