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The Concours lives on. For the 2008 model year (early release July, 1, 2007), Kawasaki took the awesome ZX-14 engine and designed what they call a Transcontinental Sport Touring motorcycle. According to the Kawasaki press release...

With its combination of healthy power, comfortable cockpit and adept handling, the Kawasaki Concours 14 and Concours 14 ABS sliced through the sport-touring world like a Ninjas blade through warm butter. In its first year on the scene, the powerful, supersport tourer racked up a sizeable collection of shootout wins, accolades and several Motorcycle of the Year awards.

Brute strength and finesse are adjectives you don’t often see used together, but the Concours 14 motorcycle doesn’t bow to convention. Its prime motivator - all 1352cc of smooth fury –offers the brute strength. With items like ram air induction, digital ignition, digital fuel injection and sub-throttle valve equipped throttle bodies, this four-cylinder engine’s portfolio reads like a top-end racer. However, this is no high-strung track tool. The Concours 14’s engine delivers strong torque off the line, followed by an impressive mid-range surge that transitions into a top-end rush that any sportbike would be proud to call its own. It achieves this miraculous powerband via variable valve timing (VVT). VVT provides smooth power delivery free of harsh power spikes, by altering the camshaft profile to boost low-end and mid-range torque without sacrificing top-end power.
While the high-tech engine supplies the power, the Concours 14’s aluminum monocoque chassis provides a responsive platform to convert that thrust into comfortable, rapid progress. Combined with a sophisticated inverted fork and smooth, reliable shaft drive system, this agile chassis transfers the potent engine’s torque to the pavement with quiet efficiency. The clean, low maintenance Tetra-Lever shaft drive utilizes a special four-link design to offset the lifting and squatting tendencies of shaft drive when the throttle is opened and closed, in-effect isolating torque from suspension action in a manner that’s remarkably-similar to chain drive. The overall design of the Concours 14’s powertrain has earned critical acclaim for its ability to reliably deliver silky, lash-free thrust.

Massive acceleration capability demands maximum stopping power and the brakes on the Concours 14 are more than up to the task. With radial-mount front calipers operated by a radial-pump master cylinder and petal-type discs on both ends, the brake system gives riders the powerful, reliable braking performance and confidence inspiring control they want. The Concours 14 ABS raises that stopping control level another notch with the reassuring control of an advanced anti-lock brake system (ABS).

The refined chassis, confident brakes and all-conquering power blend together and render the competition as an ever-shrinking dot in the rear view mirrors. An integrated high-speed touring machine with an unquestionable supersport core, the Concours 14 has all the features required for a safe and exciting long-distance ride. Functional touches like Kawasaki’s Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System (KI-PASS), an electrically adjustable windscreen, locking and detachable side cases and an accessory power outlet make this a grand touring machine line no other.

The electrically adjustable windscreen reflects the Concours 14’s genetic roots. It utilizes a supersport-style design philosophy of aerodynamically curving the wind around the rider - and passenger - to help avoid the buffeting that comes from wind curling around less-advanced windscreens. These genes show again in the slim, integrated design of its hard luggage, which are mounted closer to the machine’s centerline for excellent mass centralization.
The Concours 14’s touring prowess doesn’t stop with its impressive physique. It’s loaded with the high-tech electronic wizardry expected of a modern long-distance machine such as a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface between the gauges. The CAN uses fewer wires than a traditional wiring harness, so a greater volume of information can be exchanged and then displayed on the multi-function LCD digital dash. Included in the easy-to-read instrumentation are a speedometer, tachometer and odometer, two trip meters, fuel gauge, estimated fuel mileage, gear position indicator and a clock. Also available to the rider is information from sensors monitoring tire pressure in the front and rear wheels - more peace of mind so the rider can focus on the road.

Summed up, the Concours 14 platform is ready for spirited journeys –short or long –while providing comfort and confidence for maximum rider enjoyment.


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