COG Printed Member Directory & Handbook

Every year COG prints a spiral bound handbook with complete Member Directories and additional useful information. They are distributed to all full COG Members in the USA and Canada.

The information used in the directories is taken from the COG Website Profiles. To review and edit your information go to your profile and click Edit Profile.

Review / Update Your Profile

Benefits and Features of the Member Directory & Handbook

  • Operates without needing batteries, charging, electricity or the internet. It's paper, in your saddle bag, and available regardless where you are and what services you have.
  • Spiral bound allowing it to lay flat while open
  • Spiral binding can be folded back on itself and left open to a specific page
  • Binding with spiral provides long lasting durability
  • Complete alphabetical directory listing of all members with contact information (no street address provided)
  • A secondary cross reference directory organized by state
  • Up-to-date club Constitution and Bylaws
  • Complete leadership directory including Officers, Area Directors, Assistant Area Directors
  • Current Industry Vendor list
  • Cover art by the talented Harry Martin
  • COG overview
  • List of generous members offering "Conversation", "Tent / Bedroll Space" or "Technical Assistance" to COG travelers in need.
  • New Longest Term COG Members list
  • New List of Members Resources (basically where to find stuff)
  • New Club Election info for 2022
  • New COG Area information
  • New Tips and specs for some basic functions, like setting clocks
  • New In Case of Emergency (ICE) form
  • Our Privacy Policy