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  • Questions/Comments/Concerns are always welcome:  Contact your Area Director
  • Membership related inquires: contact the Membership Officer
  • Businesses wishing to become COG Industry Vendors: contact the Industry Liaison
  • Errors/Issues/Omissions on our website: contact the IT Officer


COG Executive Board of Directors

Executive Director:  

Chuck Kimball, TX Exec-Dir at concours.org

Southwest Area Director:  

Russ Saunders, CA SWAD at concours.org

Northwest Area Director:  

Craige Scott, WA NWAD at concours.org

South Central Area Director:  

Craig A Green, TX
SCAD at concours.org

North Central Area Director:  

Gary Mazzola, MO NCAD at concours.org

Southeast Area Director:  

Ron Simmons, GA SEAD at concours.org

Northeast Area Director:  

Steve Smith, CT NEAD at concours.org

COG Officers

All emails are still answered even if position is marked vacant. Please email the appropriate department for your inquiries.

Membership Officer:  

Fred Boothe, TX Membership at concours.org

Member Directory Officer:  

*Vacant: inquire with Executive Director Directory at concours.org

Concourier Managing Editor:  

Ed Palmer, FL

Editor at concours.org

Technical Editor:  

*Vacant: inquire with Executive Director

Industry Liaison:  

Roger Anderson, MN Industry-Liaison at concours.org

Safety Officer:  

*Vacant: inquire with Executive Director Safety at concours.org


Kari Flint, ID Secretary at concours.org


Bob Dombrowe, VA Historian at concours.org


Nancy Isely, WA Treasurer at concours.org

Insurance Communications:  

*Vacant: inquire with Executive Director Insurance at concours.org

Merchandise Czar:  

Wandrng, CA Merchandise at concours.org

IT Officer:  

*Vacant: inquire with Executive Director IT at concours org
 Event Coordinator:  Mark Wojcik, WIEvents at concours.org