2019 National Rally Riding


There is terrific riding in all directions around Williamsport, and is why COG Northeast has been visiting this region for rides and rallies for more than 20 years. The 2016 spring regional rally was in Williamsport, and five in Wellsboro going back to the early 2000’s. Many ride routes were created over the years for these events, and we will select some of the best to use for the Keystone National Rally.

For the 2016 Spring Fling in Williamsport, Wayne Geiser was kind enough to convert many of the Wellsboro sample ride loops to begin and end in Williamsport and provide a short description of each. These GPS and route sheets are located in the COG Online member library.

The rally team is reviewing all past ride loops and making adjustments to provide a mixture of different loop lengths while still offering enough diversity to experience the scenery and roads of the area. After the routes are reviewed and updated, the new files will be made available for download on this page.

Use these descriptions to whet you appetite for the rally area riding…

Eagles Mere Loop and Auto/Air Museum (PA – 91 miles)

This is a relatively short loop through the resort village of Eagles Mere. Along the way are a few museums. Located in the historic village is Eagles Mere Museum. Located at Merritt Field is the Eagles Mere Automobile & Air Museum that has a top notch private collection of vehicles and aircraft, and it is definitely worth the trip. The rub is that they are only open on weekends and the rally team will be working with them to see if we can get them to open during the week.

Elk Herd Loop (PA – 266 miles)

The chances of seeing elk during the day is very small. There are two elk viewing areas marked as waypoints along this route. If memory serves, Dents Run (the first viewing area as you follow the route clock-wise) has a building that contains a stuffed elk… so you can say you saw one! Route highlights: Route 120, Route 555, Route 44 The Benezett Store, nearby, has a restaurant that serves elk burgers, so you can get a different “taste” of Pennsylvania’s elk herd.

Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania Loop (PA – 225 miles)

Possible lunch stops include Cohicks Trading Post (in Salladasburg, PA), Brick House Deli (in Galeton, PA), the Wellsboro Diner (in Wellsboro, PA), and the Forksville General Store (in Forksville, PA).

Run for Buns (PA – 174 miles)

A suggested lunch stop at Wolfe’s General Store (in Slate Run, PA). Take in a scenic mountain top overlook at Hyner View State Park. You might want to bring your lunch to eat at the park.

State College is a City (PA – 188 miles)

Named Happy Valley, State College is home to Penn State University.
Possible lunch stops include Restless Oaks Restaurant (in McElhattan, PA) and State College Diner (in State College, PA). Route Highlights: Route 550

State Forest Loop (PA – 244 miles)

Route 120 (along the Susquehanna) is one of the outstanding roads of this route.  This route includes a stop at Hyner View Overlook. Possible lunch stops include Restless Oaks Restaurant (in McElhattan, PA), Beech Creek Furst Corner Store (in Beech Creek, PA), Sportsman Hotel and Yesterday’s Hotel & Restaurant (in Renovo, PA). Route Highlights: Route 144, Wycoff Run Rd, Route 44, Route 144, Route 120

Best Loop in the State (PA – 247 miles)

There are no stops built into this route, but you will be travelling very near to the Woolrich Outlet, the Piper Aviation Museum, and the Oregon Hill Winery.  Even the Hyner View Overlook is not far off the route. Possible lunch stops include Restless Oaks Restaurant (in McElhattan, PA), Sportsman Hotel (in Renovo, PA), Brick House Deli (in Galeton, PA), and the Wellsboro Diner (in Wellsboro, PA). Route Highlights: Route 144, Route 287

Wellsboro Loop (PA – 272 miles)

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania is not far off this route.
Possible lunch stops include Brick House Deli (in Galeton, PA), the Wellsboro Diner (in Wellsboro, PA).

Flight 93 Memorial Loop (PA – 348 miles)

This route will be a very full day.  If you haven’t visited, it is recommended.  The route can be shortened by substituting more highway. Possible lunch stops include Sportsman Hotel and Yesterday’s Hotel & Restaurant (in Renovo, PA), The Station Inn (in Cresson, PA), Horn O Plenty (in Bedford, PA), Tom & Joe’s Restaurant (in Altoona, PA), and Beech Creek Furst Corner Store (in Beech Creek, PA).  

Forksville General Store Loops (PA – 161 MILES)

This route takes roughly an hour and 45 minutes to get to the Forksville General Store (in case you’d like to head there for breakfast or lunch). According to their web site, the building the Forksville General Store & Restaurant is in was built in 1851, next to the Forksville covered bridge. The restaurant is Big Mike’s Steaks & Hoagies, which serves up breakfast and lunch which make for flexible ride planning. Big Mike’s is reportedly known for serving up some of the best cheese steaks hoagies in the state. Route Highlights: Forksville General Store, Oregon Hill and Bastress Mountain wineries. 

Finger Lakes Parks Loop (NY – 261 miles)

This route stops at a number of parks and waterfalls near the southern end of New York’s finger lakes.  It includes Shequagua Falls (in the town of Montour Falls, NY), Lucifer Falls (in Robert H. Tremen State Park), Ithaca Falls (just north of Ithaca, NY), and Taughannock Falls (in the State Park of the same name). Possible lunch stops are Saigon Kitchen in Ithaca, NY and Wild Flower Café in Watkins Glen, NY.

Glass and Wings Loop (NY – 197 miles)

Another loop into southern New York, this route includes stops at the Corning Museum of Glass, the National Soaring Museum (i.e., gliders), and the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center.

Glenn Curtiss MUSEUM and NY Wineries Loop (NY – 254 miles)

Another loop to the southern end of the finger lakes.  This loop includes stops at the not to be missed Glenn H. Curtiss Museum. While near the museum you can also visit Bully Hill Vineyards. They have a decent restaurant, and an exhibit of antique wine making apparatus and another area of exhibits of history of the winery. Wagner Vineyards is located a bit farther in the loop on Seneca lake and a recommended spot for lunch is Ginny Lee Café, is located there.

More Williamsport Ride Ideas

If you are wish to seek out more possible ride ideas, check out the rides from the 2017 Williamsport Trip by New England Riders.