2019 National Rally Sponsors



Here is a list of COG Industry Members, vendors and companies who have committed to support the club’s rally this year. Click on their logo images to learn more about their products and services.

COG Industry Member100+ ROK gift boxes
COG Industry Memberco-sponsor of Annual Ice Cream Social
COG Industry Memberco-sponsor of Annual Ice Cream Social
COG Industry Member2 Gift Certificates (value of $295 each)
Will be onsite
3 x $100 Gift certs
Sending some prizes. Click logo for subscription discount info
1 Windstopper Jersey, 1 Fleece Jersey, 1 LP bag, 1 Dispatch bag, 1 t shirt.
4 x $20 gift certs
3 gift certificates for various free exhausts totaling $820 !! ($235, $275, and $310)
Gift certificate for 1 free set of Road 5 GT tires. Will be on-site for two Tech Sessions
2 gift certificates for 50% off any Mark Parnes Product
1 gift certificate for 50% off up to $300.


Without the generosity of our rally sponsors and the vendors who support us at these events and throughout the entire year, COG would not be the success that it has been for over the past twenty-five years.

We highly encourage and promote Sponsors and Vendors to help make our club events the best they can be. Sponsorship from COG Industry Members and other motorcycle industry related manufacturers, distributors, and vendors is highly prized by our membership and in turn we strongly encourage the membership to think about those organizations that support us before they make their motorcycling related purchases.

The most common gift is a donation of your product or services to be given away as door prizes to our rally attendees during our annual National Rally. One simple, easy and effective merchandising method is to offer your support by way of Gift Certificates for merchandise redemption. This uncomplicated and well designed method of donation encourages the member to visit your website for redemption and the high certainty of additional sales.

If however you wish to support us through actual merchandise or some other donations, we would be thrilled to entertain your ideas and your support. In all cases the rally team will ensure broad communication of your products and services to the rally attendees and the membership as a whole. We also encourage you to attend and participate in the rally so you can show your products and services through direct contact with our members. In either case every donor and sponsor will be personally acknowledged for their generosity throughout the rally and especially at the Rally Banquet.

We would love to have your support and be pleased to add you to the list of Rally Sponsors. All you need to do is contact our prize coordinator, and commit to providing a door prize or some other useful item or service to our 2019 National Rally. The sooner you commit, the sooner your name, logo and web link will be added to this site and in front of our members.

If you cannot attend, but choose to mail a donation or gift certificate we’d be happy to accept your gift and add your name to the list of sponsors in our National Rally website pages as well as on all attending members information sheets and at the rally donations board located in the headquarters hotel lobby.

Please give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you so very much


Advertising: Please supply a high resolution JPG, or GIF of your logo so we can have it prominently displayed on all of our National Rally information.

Drop Ship Information

The details to drop ship door prizes or other goodies directly to the rally will be posted soon:

‘For shipments to arrive ’, use George’s address.  Then use the Genetti address after July 10 .

For shipments to arrive before July 10, use this shipping address:

c/o George Griffith
135 North St.
Benton PA 17814

For shipments to arrive no sooner than 7/15/19 and no later than 7/22/19, use this shipping address:

c/o Genetti Hotel
200 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
(570) 326-6600


Send email to:  COGNationalRally at cog-online.org