2014 Rally – Rafting Trip

COG National Whitewater Rafting:   Back by Popular Demand!!

We decided to repeat the Raft trip at this years COG National.  It is NOT something that we do at most COG Nationals. (In fact, we’ve only done this one time previously) We had such a great time last year that we had to do it again!

  • It IS a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to meet other COGgers.
  • It is NOT dull and boring.
  • It involves Riding/water/MORE Riding
  • It is a Whitewater Rafting Trip down the Nolichucky River.

The plan is simple..


  1. As soon as you arrive in Johnson City, go to COG Registration area, sign up and pay your $$ to go Rafting with us. After a lot of pleading with the outfitter, the discounted cost is $50.00 per person. (standard rate is $85.00) Information and maps will be available.
  2. On Tuesday Morning:
    1. Form into small groups and leave the hotel around 8:00 AM to head for the Outfitter.
    2. Arrange your ride so that you can enjoy the scenery along the way.
    3. Ride your own pace and arrive at the outfitter before (time to be determined).


When you arrive at the outfitters…

  • You will be given a safety orientation, issued life jackets, rafting gear, and taken to the launch point.
  • Head to the river with your COG friends, paddle furiously, have a few water fights, etc, etc.
  • Enjoy a “Three to Four Hour Tour”. River has mostly “Scenic” sections with some Class 3-4 Rapids.


  • Form into small groups and go for a Post Raft Ride or ride back to the Motel in Johnson City (On another route).
  • Enjoy the scenery along the way as you pass “closer” to the Grand Teton Mountains.

I’ll arrange a list of things to see near the rafting location.  Arrive back at the hotel in time to attend the the “Goin’s On” at Rally Central.

If your interested in Rafting with us, contact Ted Adcock ted@zggtr.org in advance and let him know that you are interested.

For more details: Go to the COG Online Forum and look for the Raft Trip Discussion.

NOTE: We especially want the National First Timers to do this event with us. It will be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get to know everyone!