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  • Questions/Comments/Concerns are always welcome:  Contact your Area Director
  • Membership related inquires: contact the Membership Officer
  • Businesses wishing to become COG Industry Vendors: contact the Industry Liaison
  • Errors/Issues/Omissions on our website: contact the IT Officer


COG Executive Board of Directors

Executive Director:  

Wayne Croteau , CT Exec-Dir at concours.org

Southwest Area Director:  

Russ Saunders, CA SWAD at concours.org

Northwest Area Director:  

Rufus Howard, WA NWAD at concours.org

South Central Area Director:  

Craig A Green, TX SCAD at concours.org

North Central Area Director:  

Gary Mazzola, MO NCAD at concours.org

Southeast Area Director:  

Ron Simmons, GA SEAD at concours.org

Northeast Area Director:  

Steve Smith, CT NEAD at concours.org

COG Officers

All emails are still answered even if position is marked vacant. Please email the appropriate officer for your inquiry.

If interested in filling a vacant position, please contact our Executive Director or Secretary

Membership Officer:  

Lyle Cooper, MA Membership at concours.org

Member Directory Officer:  

Kathy Brojakowski, NC Directory at concours.org

Concourier Managing Editor:  

Ashley O'Donald, GA
Editor at concours.org

Technical Editor:  

*Vacant* Tech-ed at concours.org

Industry Liaison:  

Mark Hartman, NV
Industry-Liaison at concours.org

Safety Officer:  

Ed Palmer, TX Safety at concours.org


Kari Flint, ID Secretary at concours.org


Bob Dombrowe, VA Historian at concours.org


Nancy Isely, WA Treasurer at concours.org

Insurance Communications:  

*Vacant* Insurance at concours.org

Merchandise Czar:  

Wandrng, CA Merchandise at concours.org

IT Officer:  

Zak Dafaallah, DC IT at concours org
 Event Coordinator:   Mark Wojcik, WI Events at concours.org